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The Screenwriter's Bible

""A 'bible' for those of all persuasions. Whether you are a rank beginner who needs instruction, or an old pro who needs reminding, you could not do better than David Trottier's book. A brilliant effort by a first-class, dedicated teacher."-- William Kelly
Academy Award-winning writer, Witness

“I’ve read one and a half books on screenwriting. The one was The Screenwriter’s Bible—very practical. Love that book. I’ve kept it near my desk since high school and I still go back to it.” —Travis Beacham, Writer, Clash of the Titans, Dog Days of Summer

“ Whenever I am writing, I have The Screenwriter’s Bible close at hand for my own reference.” —Ellen Sandler, Emmy-nominated for Everybody Loves Raymond

"I don't usually offer kind words about anyone else's stuff (professional jealousy generally precludes admitting that there's a writer out there that's anywhere near as good as my ego thinks I am), but in your case it is more than well deserved. Just so you know, whenever I get into any kind of screenwriting jam, I always refer to your book." ---Professional Screenwriter, name withheld

"Thank you for the The 'Screenwriter's Bible'. I recommend it to my writers community, as well as in my script coverage for various agencies." ---Kraig X. Wenman (writer of eleven produced TV movies and professional story analyst)

"We have published an anthology of Blake Snyder's blogs, and he mentions "The Screenwriter's Bible" as one of his favorite books about screenwriting." -- @savethecat

"My agent said, ‘You should definitely buy Dave Trottier’s book because that’s what everyone in L.A. goes by now.’" ---Darcy Miller

"As a French animation film producer (Arzak Rhapsody, Nosferatu TV series), I bought your amazing book about screenwriting years ago. I use it everyday while working with screenwriters. It's really the best and most useful tool I can find." ---Alexandre Brillant

"Your advice in your book helped land me my first agent!" ---Karina Detkova

"I have over 20 copyrights (TV, animated, feature films, historical fiction, and so on). Your book was my guide before I knew anything." -- Corey May

"For anyone who wants to quickly and easily learn not just how to write a screenplay, but how to sell a screenplay in one of the toughest industries there is, The Screenwriter's Bible is the only book you need. 'The Bible' is so much more than a 'how-to' book; it's an interactive tool that works with you in creating the screenplay of your dreams." ---Daintry Conner

"Dave, I did everything the new writer is supposed to do—take a writing class and buy the software 'Movie Magic,' but nothing did as much for me as buying a copy of The Screenwriter's Bible. Thanks to you, I have a producer interested in my first screenplay." ---Robert Espinoza

"I'm reading your "Bible" and wishing I'd bought it two years ago when I started writing screenplays. It's both comprehensive and conversational...and so grounded in knowledge coupled with experience. A real bargain. By the way, an agency just asked for my script!" ---Jake West

"Whenever I feel doubt or discouragement, I read your book, and I have a renewed confidence." ---Sal Rodriguez

"I got McKee's book, but learned more from your Bible due to your examples. Thanks." ---Willie Walter

"Your book is my favorite. And, looking at my bookshelf, my dear sweet husband has bought me about 31 screenwriting books. I would have bought one: yours." ---Sharon Johnson

"Just to let you know that I won a screenwriting competition! The National Writing Academy in the UK. I have obviously made progress and consult your Bible like I use a dictionary." ---Patrick Kelly

"You're nothing short of a legend. Because of you, I now have an agent." --- Billy Williams.

"I just wanted to let you know that, throughout the round of UCLA Extension classes I have been completing. I have told many people to get your book to solve their format problems. Several of my classmates have written me back, post book purchase to sing your praises. Of course, they are preaching to the choir as your books straightened me out long ago! Anyway, great work and I will continue to spread the good word (as do several of UCLA's instructors!)" --- Jeff Romaniuk

"I am writing you personally to thank you for The Screenwriter's Bible. Your book served as the 'holy grail' in my epic quest for screenwriting knowledge. The Screenwriter's Bible became my Bible. I found my voice through your wonderful words. Thank you." ---Jeremy Parish

"Your Screenwriter's Bible has been such a blessing for me over the years. Your book has enabled me to discover a gift I never knew I had and has given me the confidence to explore a passion for telling stories." ---Kate Cassin

"I've read about 6 or 7 screenwriting books now and yours was far and away the best." ---C. C. Ferguson

"Thanks for publishing a truly outstanding screenwriters guide. I used it extensively (okay, "exclusively") in completing my historical drama and was a finalist in the American Film Renaissance competition." ---Tim Eastwood

"You are my inspiration in writing. Your book not only helped me learn to write, but gave me the confidence to write. And now my ideas are skyrocketing! Thank you so much. ---Simon Blumenthal

"Thank you for writing the best formatting guide on the market today (and I've read more than a few of them). It's easy to follow, thorough, and well-organized. The Screenwriter's Bible has become my constant writing company and most dependable reference guide." ---April Davis

"The Screenwriter's Bible was my first introduction to screenwriting; I still refer to it all the time. After four scripts, I now have an option plus a project in development. Many thanks." ---Sherry Baker

"All the accolades I read in the reviews of The Screenwriter's Bible have been validated in my read of your terrific book. It is readable, inspiring, and overflowing with practical advice." Robert Bird

"I recently purchased your book as well as seven other books on the subject. I am impressed with your book and the warm and empathetic tone that both educates and encourages me to do something that I have never done before. You book is far and away the most helpful." ---Sid Shapiro

"You have solved all of my formatting problems. No more 'beginner' rejections for me." ---Larry Marks.

"I read and studied your book The Screenwriter's Bible. Now, I'm directing a cable TV series, 'On the Road to Hollywood.'" --- Eric Stahl

"They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Thanks for sharing your screenwriting expertise in The Screenwriter's Bible." ---Michael Rosenberg

"I found it to be a life preserver in a sea of ambiguity regarding the always confusing subject of screenplay formatting. Thanks for writing this informative and useful book." ---Bob Barrett

"I'm absolutely hooked on The Screenwriter's Bible. I use it all the time, and when I'm stuck, I just know the solution is in there. You're reaching people all over the globe, since I'm from Holland." ---Noortje van Stratum

"You are an excellent teacher. When I read your book, I feel like you're right in the room talking to me." ---Dave Scott

"Your book helped me with things I had no idea were even wrong with my writing. I have a new sense of motivation thanks to you." ---Brent Ridley

"Thank you for an excellent book. I was in a writing slump, and I can't tell you how much you helped me get back to writing. The way your book is set up, I felt like you were there with me personally." ---Ronnie Cox

"I have signed with a signatory agent. Your book is priceless in value. It should be required material for any serious screenwriter." ---Gary Watson

"I am so inspired, and absolutely love your sense of humor that is woven throughout the book." ---Manon Crespi

"You have awakened a dreamer." Benny Stewart

"I had been writing professionally for years when a writer friend recommended your book. I can't tell you what a difference it made. Reading it gave me the confidence to actually try my hand at the form. I never enjoyed writing more." ---David Hardy

"The I Ching of screenwriting." ---Tracy Klyne

"In 2009, I spent approximately 65K on film school in Hollywood. A year later I stumbled across The Screenwriter's Bible in an old Burbank bookstore. It cost me $1. If only I had found this book a year earlier, I'd sure be a whole lot richer." --Jacob N. Stuart

"Your book is the most comprehensive and helpful book on screenwriting that I have ever read." -- Lance Houck

"The Screenwriter's Bible earned praise from readers looking for a no-nonsense practical guide." -- Tom Cruise's blog

"I use The Screenwriter's Bible as my final authority on all of my scripts. Last week, I optioned a script, and this week my South African script has attracted a producer from the X-Men series." --Terry Ray Herbert

"I not only recommend your book to my students, but I won't let them into my advanced classes unless they can prove they've bought your book and read it several times." --Anne Jordan

"The single greatest screenwriting book I have ever read." --Greg Sweeting

"Personally, I have gotten more out of the first quarter of your book than I have found in any other screenwriting guide. It speaks to me, where others have sometimes discouraged me. It has given me courage and excited me to Keep Writing." -- Jeremy Andrew Davis

A sampling from amazon.com

This wonderful book changed my career. Reviewer: A reader.  My agent told me to buy this book, and it has helped me tremendously in breaking in. As a working writer, I am pleased to find something that is helping my career. (I sold my script.) The book is endorsed by an academy-award winning writer (William Kelly), some top agents, and other Hollywood types. As for me, it's the best screenwriting book I've ever read--bar none.

The writing primer section presents all of the screenwriting fundamentals. It's perfect for novices and a good review for professionals. The workbook asks hundreds of questions that I use to keep me on track. I love the Character/Action Grid--an excellent revision tool. The formatting guide is easy to understand--I like it much better than Cole and Haag's classic. The marketing plan is what's helping me the most right now; it's very focused. Obviously the author knows the business. The resources section includes all the contests, script consultants, software, etc.

It's not the last word on screenwriting, especially for old pros; but it guides you in every aspect of screenwriting in clear, concise language. And it covers the basics. The book is jam-packed with info you can use.

I sold my screenplay. Reviewer: A reader. I've been at this for three years and wasn't getting anywhere. Because of Dave's book, I finally sold a script for big money. The book is crisply written, easy to follow, and it's all meat. I used the worksheets and the marketing instructions and now I'm a working writer.

Highly Recommended! Reviewer: James Russell. As the author of Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets, I highly recommend screenwriters to read "The Screenwriter's Bible." This book solves many of the problems of properly formatting screenplays. The book solidly sets up the structure of the story you are writing in the proper script format -- precisely what agents and production companies need to submit a script to higher levels of management for a green light. If you follow the advice given in this book, you will have a screenplay with the major critical elements installed. This will satisfy story analysts. You'll be satisfied with the results, too! This book is of high value to the screenwriter, as a properly formatted script will be recognized as a professional submission in Hollywood. Professional submissions are a prime critical element that gets script's sold!

Simply the best. Reviewer: R. McRae Timjer. I find this guide to be the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to usefulness. Easy to follow, the best step-by-step source for anyone attempting to write a screenplay. For those writing Spec. scripts, doesn't boggle the mind with various camera angles that really don't concern your initial submissions. The basic needs are emphasized here. A real inspirational read for any aspiring screenwriter.

Done Deal's Review of "The Screenwriter's Bible." Reviewer: A reader. "Trottier's guide is absolutely indispensable. The 'six books in one' guide is for any screenwriter who wants to write their screenplay, improve their screenplay, format their screenplay, and market and sell their screenplay. "The Screenwriter's Bible gives you more information that you could get out of almost any other screenwriting book or seminar. You couldn't learn this much information if you kidnapped Syd Field and made him personally teach you the aspects of the screenplay."

An Invaluable Reference Tool for Screenwriters. Reviewer: Elvis Katzer. Want to know the difference between "O.S." (off-screen) and "V.O." (voiceover), and when to use each? How about that between "Intercut" and "Match Cut?" Then you want to buy "The Screenwriters Bible," script consultant David Trottier's encyclopedic reference on creating memorable characters, on storytelling, and especially on formatting. I am an optioned writer, who has written several scripts (and TV sitcoms), yet I find Trottier's work an invaluable reference.

"The Screenwriter's Bible" is also useful as a marketing tool, especially his sample project plan and action plan, which all writers will find useful as a template. Remember, your great spec script is a business proposal as much as anything else, for a project which will run well into 8 figures, in most cases. Approach it with the same care and attention to detail that you would if you were trying to sell your garage software development firm to Microsoft.

Unlike many "How-to" screenwriting books, Trottier's sample query letters are actually quite entertaining. If I were a Hollywood suit, I'd bite at the sample "Wizard of Oz" example.

This book won't tell you how to write a great story (that's something that really can't be taught), but it will help you get the mechanics of the trade down. There are many terrible scripts which have been made into movies, but virtually all of them (even those starring Pauly Shore) get the details correct.

In summation, if I had to pick just one screenwriting book, this would be my first choice.

A bible for all writers. Reviewer: J. Reimche. For those who are experienced writers - or if you are a beginner - David Trottier's The Screenwriter's Bible will be a reference book you want on your desk. It's not one of those books you'll read cover to cover, and then file. It's a book you'll want on your desk to refer to during the writing process. Trottier guides the writer through the process of developing characters on the page to formatting the pages into a script. He shows you, through example as well as plain instruction, how to include camera direction (without it being overblown), and how to get an agent to handle your work. It's the whole process, from your mind to the big screen. The format of the book is clear and easy to read, and provides examples of scripts that have been successful (and why).

Trottier gets his message across through clear, concise and no-nonsense writing that never talks down to the reader. It's a book I will use, not just for screenwriting, but in all my writing.

Buy this one first. Reviewer: Shawn Rodenbough. I've read over a dozen screen writing how-to books, and this is one of the best. As an aspiring screenwriter, you need to have firm grounding in the fundamentals of the trade. David Trottier gives you that. The best way to learn screenwriting is to read the scripts from movies you love. But if you're looking for more, like structure theory and the art of the logline, then this book is a great start.

We recommend it. Reviewer: Anne. We recommend it to many of our customers using our email query service Scriptblaster.com. It's a great tool for any screenwriter.

Outstanding Manual for Aspiring Screenwriters. Reviewer: John Nolley II. Of the many "bibles" published on subjects from gardening to beer drinking, Trottier's Screenwriter's Bible is the most deserving of that lofty designation.

In great detail, Trottier covers issues from story ideas to screenplay formatting. Of particular use is his breakdown of the typical screenplay story structure into definitive events, offering examples from modern movies most readers can easily identify with. My curse is that now every time I see a film I overlay his structure notes onto the film onscreen, picking out each plot checkpoint like some kind of giant formula--and when I find a movie that simply didn't seem to work for some reason or another, I am usually able to identify where it deviated from that structure and why!

If you have aspirations of writing screenplays for the big screen or television, this book is of invaluable reference and educational merit. Even if you simply want to know more about why good movies "work" and bad ones fail, this book is a great resource. Give it a shot!

The best book out there...and now I have an agent. Reviewer: A reader. I've read over 20 screenwriting books, and this one is clearly the best for at least two reasons: 1) It covers every possible topic including a selling plan (with worksheets), a list of writing contests, an explanation and examples of the new spec style (this really helped me), query and pitching examples--everything. 2). By applying the information, my script has come alive! What's more, I finally found an agent. You can't go wrong with this wonderful book.

Finally! Reviewer: Stephen L. Priori. The only reason I gave this book 5 stars is because, frankly, I couldn't give it 6 stars. As a beginning screenwriter, I became very discouraged when I could not find any reference manuals on spec scripts. Many were formal production script manuals that gave you everything you didn't need to know for getting a spec script formatted properly. I began thinking anyone interested in screen writing is already working for the production company who already buys scripts for production (There must be a "spec script fairly" out there somewhere). Before this book, there were actually times when I put my writing off for the simple fact that I would have a fear of getting stuck trying to figure out what to include and what not to format-wise and have it interfere with the creative process.

But know thanks to this "Bible," it gives every answer to every to every question asked by a beginning screen writer trying to get his or her spec script in the proper format to get into the market. And that's just for formatting. I haven't even started to look at the last two books of the Screenwriter's Bible on marketing and references and if it's anything like the previous ones, I should be able to find every avenue available for getting my script at least read.

The Screenwriter's Bible is sectioned off into different parts for the different processes of the getting your screenplay off the ground and does a great job doing it. Can't think of anything that was missed. Thank you David Trottier! I only wish that Hollywood will be as fair as you are.

Excellent. Very practical and useful. Reviewer: A reader. This book has been more helpful than any writing book I've read. The marketing section is terrific and it helped me find an agent. Everything is explained in understandable terms. It inspired me to get off my duff and write. I feel empowered. I'm always referring to the formatting section and resource directory. At last, a book that delivers on what it promises.

Everything you need to know in one book! Reviewer: Jamie. This book was awesome! For someone like me, who knows nothing about how to write a script, this is the perfect book. I bought several others, but found I didn't need them because the same information was already in "The Bible". Don't waste your money on anything else, Mr. Trottier tells all here!

Absolutely the best -- helps me immensely. Reviewer: A reader. This is easily the best book on the market. Clear, concise, and accurate. As a working writer, I refer to it almost daily. It helps me focus and provides valuable information that has helped me further my career. This is particularly true for the marketing, formatting, and resources sections. I am absolutely amazed at how much usable information is contained in this book. Kudos to the author! This is a must-have book for every writer.

The Screenwriter's Bible--A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script. FIFTH EDITION. By Dave Trottier. 425 pages. Retail: $23.95. Your price only $19.95 (postpaid)

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