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The Screenwriter's Bible

“Whether you are a rank beginner who needs instruction, or an old pro who needs reminding, you could not do better than David Trottier’s book. A brilliant effort by a first-class, dedicated teacher.”

-- William Kelley
Academy Award-Winning Writer, Witne

"Good common sense. Sets up practical guidelines without encroaching on the writer's creativity. Easy to follow--feels like a workbook that will be used and not just read."

-- Candace Monteiro
Co-owner, Monteiro Rose Agency

"I’ve read one and a half books on screenwriting. The one was The Screenwriter’s Bible—very practical. Love that book. I’ve kept it near my desk since high school and I still go back to it."

-- Travis Beacham
Writer, Clash of the Titans, Dog Days of Summer, Pacific Rim

"An invaluable new resource--a treasure chest of useful information--not only for new writers but also for seasoned veterans."

-- Professor Richard Walter
UCLA Screenwriting Chairman

"Contains chapter and verse on all aspects of screenwriting, and addresses every key and fundamental principle from how far to indent dialogue to how to speak to the agent's assistant."

-- Script Magazine

"If you have the gift, this book will show you how to use it."

-- Victoria Wisdom, Literary Agent
Becsey, Wisdom & Kalajian

"Offers all the essential information in one neat, script-sized volume.... New screen-writers will find The Screenwriter's Bible invaluable; experienced screenwriters will find it an excellent addition to their reference shelf."

-- Hollywood Scriptwriter

"The best screenwriting book available."

-- Dov S-S Simens
    Hollywood Film Institute


"Whenever I am writing, I have The Screenwriter’s Bible close at hand for reference."

-- Ellen Sandler
Emmy-nominated, Everybody Loves Raymond

"An excellent resource book and overall guide that can be of tremendous assistance to answering the many questions writers have."

-- Linda Seger
Author, Making a Good Script Great

"...Easy to read and surprisingly broad in its coverage."

-- New York Screenwriter

"So well written that, with its implementation, you should be well on your way to creating a formidable screenplay. The listed resources alone make the price a real bargain."

-- The Screenwriters Forum

"Delivers more in 410 pages [third edition] than can be found in several screenwriting books. A true gem that measures up to its title."

-- The Writers Connection
"Selling to Hollywood Conference"

"A 'must have' reference tool for new and experienced screenwriters. Straight-forward, to-the-point...and accurate."

-- Wisconsin Screenwriter's Forum

"The formatter alone is worth the price of the book."

-- Melissa Jones
    Hollywood Story Analyst

The Screenwriter's Bible--A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script. FIFTH EDITION. By Dave Trottier. 425 pages. Retail $23.95. Your price only $19.95 (postpaid)

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