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Interview with Screencraft - "One-on-One with The Screenwriter's Bible Author Dave Trottier."

Reality Check - In working with screenwriters for nearly three decades, I've noticed three issue that arise over and over again. In each case, a reality check should prove empowering.

How to create a short screenplay - Screenwriting fundamentals for all screenwriters in understandable language plus an analysis of a short screenplay.

Formatting Frustrations - A surprisingly easy solution to your formatting frustrations.

What screenwriters can learn from Galaxy Quest - When I am asked what my guilty pleasure is in movies, I often respond that I like Galaxy Quest. In my mind, it does a lot of things right, and we screenwriters can learn a thing or two from it.

Pre-Laps and Chryrons - what are these terms all about and what do they have to do with screenwriting.

Coloring Scenes It's all in the writing. After all the structuring is done, the scenes themselves have to shine. Most often, when I read a script, I think to myself, "It needs color." Color the characters; color the scenes; color the dialogue. It's all in the writing.

Flashbacks within Flashbacks (and other curious situations) – Sometimes it's difficult to format flashbacks in unusual situations. What follows are five "common" unusual situations that I get questions about all the time.

Bold Headings and Morphing– Should I bold and underscore scene headings (slug lines)? How do I properly use the MORPH special effect?

The Readability Factor– Understand clearly who you are writing for and what makes a good read.

How Lean is Lean?– Lean Writing vs. Dramatic Writing.

The Same Answer to 11 Questions– There is one answer I give to a great number of questions I receive from developing screenwriters.

Lost in the Paradigms– A challenging Adventure & Writing Conundrum.

The Magnificent 7 Plot Points– What makes a great movie hold together and why yours needs to be two-movies-in-one.

Why the Fuss about Script Formatting?– Find out here; you may be surprised.

The 7 Most Common Dialogue Errors– After decades in the biz, these are the dialogue errors I see over and over again.

Slugs and Beats– Understand what certain screenwriting terms actually mean will help us better understand how to use them.

10 Movies Screenwriters Should See– Round out your education by viewing these movies about writers and/or the movie industry.

Texting in the Movies– How to handle text messages and email messages in a spec screenplay.

All about Flashbacks– Flashbacks can be tricky to format, and many writers leave readers confused about what they just read.

How I Became Dr. Format– or “How the Writer’s Store and Zorro Changed My life”

How to Get the Most Out of a Script Evaluation– If you are going to pay for one, make sure you get your money’s worth.

3 Keys to Succeeding as a Writer– My response to my earlier article “3 Keys to Failing as a Writer.”

The New Spec Style for Tomorrow – Is there a new spec style out there?

The All-Time #1 Formatting Goof (and how fixing it makes your reader happy) – the title says it all. Make points with professional readers and improve the readability of your script.

3 Keys to Failing as a Writer – an entertaining explanation of the three main causes of writing failures.

How to Publish Your Script – Step-by step instruction on how to convert your script into an e-script for Kindle.

A New Ending for SE7EN – Does this new surprise ending work or not?

Do I Really Need Formatting Software? A frank explanation of the current marketplace vis-à-vis formatting software.

I’m a Blinkin’ Screenwriter – Late night thoughts for screenwriters after reading Blink.

Who Are You Writing For? – The answer may surprise you.

My Favorite Flubs – 10 common screenwriting clichés to avoid.

10 Tips from Billy Wilder

How to Pulverize Writer's Block - 7 Tips

How to Format a Screenplay – a comprehensive and definitive guide. In response to your requests, I discuss and explain current formatting standards and software.

The Great Paradox of Creativity

Get in the Game Now - 21 strategies for breaking in and advancing your screenwriting career.

The Industry Standard in 2010 - Formatting myths and spec writing tips.

How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Writer

Your One-Sheet and 7 Script-Selling Tools

Pitching, Pen Names, Structure, and Sequels

On treatments, agents, dialogue, and retreats -- Tips for writers

Sell What You Write in 2009 - How to make it happen.

Two Stories Are Better Than One - How to double the impact of your screenplay.

The Idea Is King - The Hollywood view is that the idea of the script is almost as important as the execution of the script.

How to Start or Find a Writer's Group - We all need the support and stimulation a writer's group provides.

How to Tackle Writer's Block - At last there is hope for suffering writers.

The Minute Marketer - a short story just for fun (referred to in The Freelance Writer's Bible).

Updates to The Screenwriter's Bible - These are additions to the latest printing of The Screenwriter's Bible.

Updates to The Freelance Writer's Bible - Scroll to the bottom of the page for the updates.

Ask Dave - Let Dave answer your writing, formatting, and marketing question.


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