How I Became Perfect

Or: How I Quit Perfectionism

and Started Living


How I Became Perfect


This is not a screenwriting or writing book, but a humorous, true account of an incident that taught me a great, spiritual lesson. Here's the story:

Dave is a new VP with two powerful enemies--an overbearing rival executive who controls his Boss, and his own perfectionism which controls him. But bolstered by Born Again Ben's biblical advice and Louie the Rat's unseen antics, Dave battles through workplace conspiracies and debilitating doubts. The zany escapades lead to a

completely unexpected solution to both of his problems...and all without getting him fired! Best of all, with his new personal freedom, he discovers he can live a perfect life without being a perfectionist.

Whether you are a perfectionist, or puzzled by the "Be ye therefore perfect" Bible dictum, or could use some laughs and inspiration, How I Became Perfect--an absolutely true story--is for you.

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