Double Your Creativity in 3 Hours

a guide for writers and other fun-loving humans

by Dave Trottier

creativity_cover_small.jpgNEW! Yearning to write with freedom and confidence? Frustrated by blocks and fears? This guidebook offers tips and techniques that will help you double your creativity in 3 hours. Let in-demand writing coach Dave Trottier help you make the act of creation both fun and productive.

  • Get your left and right brains to cooperate
  • Break through writing obstacles with panache
  • Summon your inner child for fun and profit
  • Embark on your writing quest fully armed

This book is based on my popular “Creativity” course, and is now the workbook/text for it. The 96 pages contain clear guidance and creative activities to mentor you on your writing quest.

The book contains three “sessions”

1. Discover and liberate your creative self
The nature of creativity; what is it—specifically?
The relationship between imagination and creativity
Find your ideal “creative” state of mind
Get the inner writer out and working for you.

2. Tackle blocks and block fears
Alchemy—turn blocks into stepping stones
Break through fears
What the Sistine Chapel and the movie Psycho have in common
The Great Paradox of Creativity

3. Embark on your creative journey
Find and clarify your creative vision
Be free at last…to create
Create your writing mission statement and quest
Convert your vision into a career

What professionals are saying:

“Inspiring, practical and supremely useful—this book will open your heart and mind to your writing and creative potential.”
—Dan Poynter, author, The Self-Publishing Manual

“Dave writes with obvious respect for writers. He goes deep into the heart and head with advice that leads to success. A first-class book.”
—Lucille S. deView, syndicated columnist and writing coach for major newspapers

“I learned to write from Dave’s books.”
—Donna Davidson, author of award-winning novels Elizabeth’s Gift and Lord Kingsford’s Quest

“A wonderfully helpful guide for anyone who wants to start writing—and keep writing.”
—Stedman Mays, agent, Scribblers House LLC Literary Agency, and editorial director of the Review

“A great book to help you decide your writing vision, get over your fears, and develop a plan for your career.”
—Christian Writers’ Fellowship

“David's guide is in its spirit generous; it offers its readers creative yet structured advice that should pay off.... It offers a “let’s get right down to it” discussion of creative vision and the writing process. That Trottier is a writer and teacher who cares about helping others comes through.”
—Sheila Bender, Editor of Writing It Real and author of many writing books.

"Read this book, boot up the computer, and get writing. Dave Trottier has the hand-holding/kick in the patootie double-whammy down pat. A great book for beginners and a wonderful refresher for experienced writers. Highly recommended.”
—Kristine L. Franklin, children’s author, novelist, and freelance writer

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