Revise Your Script for Market

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Prerequisite: A completed (or nearly completed) rough draft of the screenplay you wish to work on.

This is an advanced workshop conducted by Dave Trottier aimed at moving your script up to the next level until it is marketable. You not only receive tips, techniques, and principles to help you revise and polish your script into a compelling work, but you will do it with the market in mind. The 4-week online workshop features specific advice and weekly homework assignments.

Week 1 -- The End. What makes your third act work or not work? Re-design the thrilling and affecting ending you want and revise your way to that end in terms of structure and character. Assignment: What are the 2-3 biggest concerns you have about your screenplay? These will be addressed throughout the workshop. In fact, all of your questions will be answered.

Week 2 -- Meaning. A marketable story conveys meaning to the reader (and audience). Meaning involves emotional involvement, heart, the story's subtext or theme, movie moments, and what the reader gains from your screenplay that makes him or her want to buy it. Assignment: A synopsis plus answers to a series of questions about the core meaning of your story.

Week 3 -- Revising Tools. Now we get into the nitty gritty of revising your script with 20 revising tools and common screenwriting mistakes. What is readability and why is it important? Assignment: Now that you have been revising your script, submit any 5 pages of your work.

Week 4 -- Execution. We'll discuss the specifics of revising dialogue and narrative description (action), and converting mundane scenes into exciting scenes. In addition, we'll hit any topics you request including those submitted in your first assignment that have not been discussed yet. Become your own script consultant. Assignment: From several provided scenes, choose one and revise it.

Our online classroom is asynchronous (which means we don't meet at a specific time, but you can check into class anytime it's convenient 24/7). Homework assignments may be submitted early or late or not at all; you can work at your own pace. The classroom and forums will remain open to you for about a month after the end date of the workshop.

As an extra feature, we'll have one live chat session (transcript provided).

Additional Bonus: You receive a $20 discount on any future script evaluation.

Workshop begins October 2, 2017 and runs for 4 weeks.

Fee: Only $149

Specific instructions and your password will be emailed to you after you register.

Required reading: Screenwriter’s Bible - $21.95

Email me with any questions.