Free at Last!
Get Your Inner Writer Out
and Working for You

This course will help you achieve higher levels of creativity and writing excellence. After all, writing should be fun! This course makes is so, and it begins on August 7, 2017.

Free At Last is structured as a 3-week course, but you will have access to class forums for 6 weeks where you can interact with other writers taking the course and enjoy full access to all course materials and resources. I will recommend two creative exercises per week. Here is an outline of the course.

Week 1 – Discovering and liberating your creative self
The nature of creativity; what is it?
The relationship between imagination and creativity
Finding your ideal “creative state of mind”
Getting the inner writer out

Week 2 – Tackling blocks and blocking fears
Alchemy—turning blocks into stepping stones
Breaking through fears
What the Sistine Chapel and Psycho have in common
The Great Paradox of Creativity

Week 3 – Embarking on your creative journey
How to get creative ideas
Focusing your creative vision
Creating your writing mission statement and quest

Provided to you on registration
Password to enter class forums for class discussions
24/7 access to all forums and materials for six weeks

Required text
Double Your Creativity in 3 Weeks (print or ebook)
The book comes free with the course and will ship in 1-3 days.

Register for "Write a Showcase Script" and this course (with the book) is free.


Specific instructions and your password will be emailed to you after you register.

Why is the course so inexpensive? Because there is no required homework to submit (and for me to evaluate).. However, I will respond to your questions and comments in the class forums. By the way, the course includes plenty of creative exercises to do on your own. If you wish to get feedback on those, there is an additional fee.